1 - The equipment listed remains at all times the property of Push and Go – (Cesarini 2005 S.L.) .

2 - The client is responsible for the loss, damage or theft how so ever caused and that the equipement listed ( charger, keys etc… ) is returned in the original condition as supplied (see clause 6).

3 - Push & Go (CESARINI 2005 S.L.) are not responsible for any accidents however caused and in particular are to be absolved from any third party claims. Public Liability Insurance is included with the Hire of All Mobility Scooters and Wheelchairs.

4 - Where rechargeable batteries are fitted, they must be charged and looked after in the manner prescribed by the manufacturer, including all necessary safety precautions. Only the recharging equipment supplied must be used. Batteries found to be damaged by incorrect use will be charged in full to the client.

5 – In the event of safety check, repair, delivery and collection being required outside of that already agreed and mentioned the company will charge its current call  out fee and apply its current scale of charges, which are available upon request.

6 - Any damage found on issue should be noted in the box below (continuing on the reverse if necessary) and signed by both parties. Any damage found on return not listed will be charged for,at the rate given after inspection.

7 - A deposit will be charged on all equipment and damage/loss deducted.

8 - The expected date of return must be completed on this agremement and be adhered to. At the discretion of the company  may be revised on request of the client prior to the due date of return. In the event of an extended hire the company reserve the right to inspect the equipment at regular intervals to ensure safety.

9 - Please, be punctual on delivering and collecting material, if not, we wil have to come back and charge 10 € extra for the drive. Thank you very much .

10 – Clients should ensure that they have been fully instructed on the correct use of the equipment listed before signing this form. PUSH AND GO.


Q. I have turned my scooter on but it does not move?

A. Turn the scooter off, and check the FreeWheel Lever/Knob is in The Drive position, so that the scooter cannot be pushed, now turn the scooter on . If you still cannot drive and the scooter has been charged, then please call us.


Q. How often should I charge my Scooter/Electric Weelchair?

A. Every Night, so this ensures you have a full battery for the next day. If we have to come because it has run out of battery you will be charged an extra money for the drive. Please remember to charge the battery.


Q. Where else can I hire Mobility Equipment?

A. We cover most of the popular resorts in the Costa del Sol . Just go to your hotel our website: